Walking faster could make you live longer with better life

Increased walking pace associated with reduced mortality risk or you can say speeding up your walking pace could extend your life — this is revealed by scientist in a research led by the University of Sydney. Walking at an average pace was found to be associated with a 20 percent risk reduction for all-cause mortality … Read more

Exercise during pregnancy prevents gestational diabetes and reduce weight gain

Women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to have gestational diabetes, and the exercise also helps to reduce maternal weight gain, revealed by researchers in an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Gestational diabetes is one of the most frequent complications of pregnancy. The children of mothers with gestational diabetes are more likely to … Read more

Higher fitness level protects from hypertension

People with the highest fitness levels are less likely to develop hypertension, revealed by researchers of the American Heart Association. If you’re exercising and you’re fit, your chances of developing hypertension are much less than someone else who has the same characteristics but isn’t fit. Increasing exercise and fitness levels probably protects against many diseases. … Read more

Running for 7 minutes a day can halve the risk of heart disease

Running for just seven minutes a day – even at slow speeds – could help slash the risk of dying from heart disease, a new study has revealed. Scientists analysed 55,137 adults aged between 18 and 100, and found healthy exercise does not necessarily have to be exhausting or time-consuming. They followed participants over a … Read more

Fitness exercise boosts brainpower and attention in children

Fitness exercise boosts brainpower and attention span, revealed by researchers in the journal Pediatrics. 221 children were randomly assigned to either a 9-month after school physical activity program or a wait-list. The researchers then tracked their aerobic fitness and tested their cognitive flexibility and attention span while performing a series of tasks. Those in the … Read more

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