Fitness tips to boost your metabolism

There are loads of ways to boost your metabolism but few are better than maintaining a regular exercise routine.

Those who exercise regularly tend to have a faster metabolism because their body needs more energy on a daily basis. After a few weeks of maintaining an exercise routine, most people find they naturally burn more calories every day – even while at rest.

So what sort of exercise is best to boost metabolism?

People may think activities like jogging or aerobics are best for boosting metabolism, but that isn’t always the case.

Muscle-building activities such as strength training or resistance exercises are also a great option.

Angie Ferguson — an exercise physiologist from Fort Myers, and a USA Triathlon Advanced Level 2 coach, USA Cycling coach and a Specialist in Sports Nutrition certification — says:

Muscle is highly metabolically active tissue. It’s estimated that you can burn an extra 10 calories a day for every pound of muscle you have – so to get a kick start on your metabolism, make sure your including strength training exercises 2-3 day per week.

Swimming is another great alternative for those wanting to boost their metabolism. In addition to being a great energy-burning exercise, swimming works practically every muscle in the body and is a brilliant way to develop stamina and increase endurance.

Rock climbing is an enjoyable and super challenging activity that is not only great for building muscles in the arms and legs but is also a fantastic way to scorch calories. The average male can expect to burn 600-750 calories during a one-hour rock climbing session. Check out local climbing gyms in your area.

Sprints and interval workouts offer a sure-fire way to get your metabolism fired up. The key here is higher intensity bouts of exercise working hard and fast rather than slow and steady. Your goal, keep your heart rate elevated (in turn burning more calories) for an entire session. Circuit training, which combines timed segments of strength training with timed segments of high intensity cardiovascular exercise, is a great metabolism booster and a fantastic way to blast through short sprints and interval workouts.

Boost your metabolism with these fitness tips.

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