Healthy Heart at 50 – my story

How stress impacts your life with un-healthy diet with no schedule and no physical activity. I learned this when I was working on an International Project 15 years before.

I had to meet deadlines almost every month for some or the other part of the project. And, I started having my blood pressure high.

One day, I had a chest pain with high BP.

I had been examined by the Cardiologist Dr Jhamb in Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Vasant Kunj. After TMT and echo of my heart, I was told I am having mild left ventricular hypertrophy of the heart due to persisting high blood pressure. Cardiologist Dr Jhamb advised me to take some anti-hypertensive medicines.

This was hard to accept at the age of 36 or so.

I learned that I can check the progress of this LVH stuff with exercise and healthy diet. I decided that I can minimise it and can make my heart healthy. Definitely, being a homeopathic doctor, I had certain homeopathic medicines initially with changes in my lifestyle.

After couple of years, that project was wrapped and packed, and I was shifted to Gurgaon and started my own clinic. This was a major shift in my schedule. No reporting like 9 to 5, no dead-lines, and NO STRESS. This was one part of the recovery.

Well, with healthy diet and regular walking, I had my BP controlled. No medicine.

This week, I had undergone TMT and Echo for my heart again. Dr. Atul, Cardiologist at Modern Diagnostics Gurgaon, confirmed that there is no sign of hypertrophy in my heart and all walls and heart valves are working fine. Even I completed TMT 102% of Bruce protocol for treadmill exercise stress test.

So, I have perfect healthy heart now at the age of 50 with physical fitness, diet & meditation.

Hence, I would advise you to get ready to create your own Fitness Ozone around you to have perfect health.

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