We need more exercise to reduce diabetes risk

We may have to exercise more to achieve a better level of fitness and reduce risk of diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have found that lower fitness levels in middle-aged men of South Asian origin (from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) are contributing to higher blood sugar levels and increased diabetes risk compared with white men.

Diabetes develops when there is too much sugar in the blood either because the body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin – which normally keeps blood sugar levels down by helping cells use it for energy – or else the insulin that is produced does not exert its usual effects on tissues, known as insulin resistance.

Carrying too much fat, a low level of fitness and low physical activity levels are key factors influencing insulin resistance, blood sugar levels and diabetes risk.

Low fitness is the single most important factor associated with the increased insulin resistance and blood sugar levels.

Increasing physical activity is the only way to increase fitness.

We need to engage in greater levels of physical activity to minimise diabetes risk.

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